Cambridgeshire Family and Friends of Persons with Personality Disorder

Monthly Support Meetings

Please come along to our free monthly meetings in Cambridge where parents and carers of people with Personality Disorder get together and support one another.

Please Contact Us to find out the next location for the meeting.

In January 2010, the Complex Cases Service at Fulbourn brought together parents, partners and friends of some of their service users. The Complex Cases Service is the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust's specialist service for people who suffer from Personality Disorders and in particular Borderline Personality Disorder.

We found the mutual support amongst family and friends to be so valuable that we felt that it should be extended to other carers of people suffering from Personality Disorder. There are many people with quite severe Personality Disorders who are not connected to Complex Cases but are in receipt of services in the primary and secondary care sectors of the mental health service. From our own personal experiences, we believe that their family and friends would welcome joining a mutual support group. We firmly believe that service users, clinicians and carers all benefit when family and friends get support and gain a greater understanding of Personality Disorder.

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