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Some websites which might be helpful; Let us know if there any others which you have found particularly useful and we can add them to our list.

Website Description US site and therefore mainly relevant to US health system. However there are some good articles. Also helpful book reviews and other resources. UK site with some useful information and access to resources. Operated by volunteers. Has “find a therapist” section.
NHS National Institute for Health and Clinical Guidance. NICE guidance on the care, treatment and support that people with borderline personality disorder should be offered. Includes guidance for Patients and Carers as well as clinicians.
Mind Charity with local organisations in Huntingdonshire, Cambridge and Peterborough / Fenland. New web-site following amalgamation of Borderline UK Ltd and Personality Plus. Useful information resources plus online forums and members only areas. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust – mental health services including Complex Cases National mental health charity with local branches. National Personality disorder programme with aims of sustaining successful initiatives and developing specialist expertise in the treatment of Personality Disorder and mainstream capabilities in Personality Disorder across all agencies.

SANE was established in 1986 to improve the quality of life for people affected by mental illness

Entitlement to Benefits

Many people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder are unable to work because of their illness. This usually means trying to find your way through the benefit system to claim an entitlement where appropriate for Incapacity Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Carers Allowance or Housing Benefit.  Help is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau and other voluntary organisations and we strongly recommend seeking such expert guidance. Some useful starting points to learn about the benefits system include:

A helpful fact sheet on Employment and Support Allowance from the Disability Alliance  or their fuller new ESA Guide

The Benefits and Work Publishing Company which is a benefits information provider.

Some Councils provide helpful guides such as Croydon's "Guide to Disability Living Allowance - Mental Health"

and don't forget the Cambridgeshire Independent Advocacy Service which can help on a whole range of issues including claiming benefits.

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